Q: Is selling my extra diabetic test strips legal?

A: YES! Diabetic test strips are legal to sell as long as you are the legal owner.


Q: How do I know I will get paid?

A: If we were to have you send them to us and not pay you, that is illegal, also if you used the U.S.P.S. that would be a federal offense and we wouldn’t be in business very long. We want to build a lasting relationship with you and since word of mouth from our satisfied customers is our best advertising we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.


Q: How soon will I get paid for the diabetic test strips I send?

A: Once your unexpired test strips arrive in sealed and undamaged boxes, you will be sent a check or money order sent via USPS First Class mail within 24-48 hours. You may also choose to receive payment even quicker via PayPal. Simply let us know how you would like your payment sent. If PayPal is not indicated or an email address is not supplies your funds will be sent by mail.


Q: I don’t need the money and would like to donate what I would get for the extra strips. Can you do this for me?

A: YES! We are here to help diabetics every way we can. We would be glad to “donate in your name” to either the “American Diabetes Association” the “Juvenal Diabetes Association” or another charity of your choice.


Q: Do you guarantee the price you quote will be paid?

A: Yes, So long as the test test strips are not opened, expired, damaged or different from what you were quoted on. We inspect every box and we reserve the right to adjust the price paid based on the condition of the boxes.


Q: Who pays for the shipping?

A: You must pay the initial shipping costs when sending test strips to us. We will reimburse you for 5 boxes $5.00, for 6 to 10 boxes $7.50, for 11 to 19 boxes $10.00 and for 20 or more boxes $12.50, that are accepted by us that are unexpired, sealed and in undamaged boxes. Lancets do not count towards the number of boxes that we reimburse you for shipping.


Q: There are prescription labels on the boxes, should I remove them before sending them to you?

A: NO! By doing so this will damage the boxes and reduce the price you are paid. Use a felt tip pen and cross out all pertinent information that is on the boxes. We have a process that we use to remove the labels without damaging the boxes.


Q: Do you buy glucose meters and lancets?

A: At this time we only buy certain boxes of lancets (see chart of which lancets we purchase) and not glucose meters. But if you have new unused meters and would like to donate them we would be glad to make sure someone in need gets them.


For any additional questions please feel free to Contact Us


NOTE: Please DO NOT ship generic or private-label brands of any diabetic testing product.